Structured Purified Water

Don't Just Drink Water...
Absorb It.
Welcome to EON - H

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products, carefully made using proprietary technology, and distributed to our customers with a minimum of transit time between bottling dates and end consumers. Becoming the biggest is of no interest to us, while being the best very much is. As such, we pride ourselves on quality control at every level, and on maintaining supervisory oversight of our products as they move  from bottling to our end consumers.
In markets populated by countless competing products, we are confident you will clearly taste and feel the difference. Our plan is to continue to attract and retain a solid population of well informed and loyal customers who value substance over flash, and quality consistency over widely variant quality found in so many bottled beverage products these days.

Our bottles are made from 100% RPET (recycled non polycarbonate base water bottle grade plastics) to reduce environmental impact.