Structured Purified Water

Don't Just Drink Water...
Absorb It.

Science and Technology of "Living Water"

There are two types of "water" in the body, inter-cellular and intra-cellular fluid. Inter-cellular fluid is the fluid outside an individual cell, while intra-cellular fluid is the fluid inside the cell. Both are necessary for the proper functioning of the cell, but most people do not recognize the absolutely crucial nature of drinking water that can achieve maximum intra-cellular hydration. To have biological activity, the cells must absorb the water.

Research in the field of cellular hydration has shown that when cells absorb water and swell up, the action triggers the anabolic healing mechanism. The anabolic state is accompanied by a positive nitrogen balance, protein synthesis and growth hormone release. Cellular hydration results in a balanced pH, increased fat burning, better resistance to viruses and reduced free radical damage. When cells become dehydrated, the action triggers the catabolic state, which can be seen as muscle wasting, inflammation and premature aging.

The modern scientific understanding of water clearly shows that all waters are not created equal when it comes to their ability to put water inside the cells. The cells of the body make up the tissues, which in turn extend their organization to the level of an organ (like the liver and kidney) and then to the systems of the body, such as the digestive system, the endocrine system and the central nervous system. The body simply does not function properly when the cells are dehydrated. Dehydrated cells can lead to cell hypoxia (oxygen starvation and no energy), cell catabolism (cell death), DNA damage (cancer), cell acidity (accumulated toxins that short circuit enzymatic pathways) and accelerated cell aging (improper function). Accumulate enough dehydrated cells and you have a systematic failure, such as a heart attack.

There are Bioelectric Impedance Machines (BIM) registered by the FDA, such as the RJL systems Quantum X, which can precisely measure the levels of intra-cellular fluid in the body. The need for proper cellular hydration is so important that most cardiac care facilities now utilize the RJL system to monitor their patients. You want to be drinking water where your cells are constantly hydrated with a maximum amount of intra-cellular fluid. When Doctors say, "Drink plenty of water or you will become dehydrated", they are talking about the water around your cells, the inter-cellular water. But EON-H is talking about cellular hydration, the water inside the cells themselves.

Therefore, EON-H, using proprietary technology, has created structured water to specifically hydrate cells. Comparative studies amongst different types of water, such as spring water, distilled water, tap water and purified water, prove EON-H's superior hydrating capacity. Futrher studies show that EON-H can physically change the ration between intra-cellular water and inter-cellular water to improve health. Healthy people have 60% of the total fluid content of their body inside the cells. The chronically ill usually only average about 40% of their fluid inside the cells. The breakthrough technology offered by EON-H is based on managing the very specific properties of water that are required to maximize cellular hydration. Our technology is an extension of the sentinel research conducted in the late 1990's on the very nature of water.

Figures 1 & 2

In 1996 K Liu, J.D. Cruzan, and R.J. Savkally published an astounding article in the prestigious journal Science (Vol. 271, pg. 929-933, 2/16/96) titled Water Clusters. The article showed both the theoretical and physical presence of crystalline structures within the water matrix and changed forever how we must view the dynamic properties of water. The crystalline structures reflect the powerful nature of the hydrogen bond forces that are unique to the water molecule. In a follow-up article published in Nature (Vol. 381, pg. 501-503, 6/6/96) Liu and Saykally et al mapped the dominant structures found in water. Amongst the 5 lowest-energy water hexamer structures (prism, cage, book, boat and cyclic forms, the most stable form of (H2O)6 is indeed a cage-like structure, held together by eight hydrogen bonds. Over time, many more complex water structures have been identified and some of these are illustrated in Figure 1. This graphic was produced from work carried out at South Bank University in London by Martin Chaplin, www.sbu.ac.uk/water, and published in Biophys Chem 2000 Jan 24:83(3):211-221.

Further research into the fundamental properties of water at Duke University, www.duke.edu, indicates that liquid water can be thought of as a seething mass of water molecules in which hydrogen bonded clusters are continually forming, breaking apart, and reforming, FIGURE 2. Theoretical models predict that the average cluster may encompass as many as 90 H2O molecules at 0 degrees centigrade, so that very cold water can be thought of as a collection of ever-changing ice-like structures. At 70 degrees centigrade, the average cluster size is probably no greater than about 25 H2O molecules.

Figure 3

What is emerging is a crystal clear picture of water. Water, being dipolar, can be partly aligned by an electric field and this may be easily shown by the movement of a stream of water by an electric source, (S. T. Bramell, Ferroelectric Ice, Nature: 397 (1999) 212-213). Water is diamagnetic and may be levitated in very high magnetic fields, (Y. Ikezoe, et al., Making Water Levitate, Nature: 393 (1998) 749-750). Consequently, the electrical, magnetic and hydrogen-bonding forces present will dominate the crystalline structure of the water at any given time. With modern engineering techniques to manipulate high-density magnetic and electrical fields, reverse osmosis technology to purify the base water supply, and infusion technology to manage the hydrogen proton levels and implant a crystal template into the finished product, EON-H has engineered a state of the art production system to manufacture water that can have very precise properties. These capabilities have been captured through photomicrographs of the crystal structures that can be created with structured water technology. Figure 3 is a dramatic representation of the crystals that can be found in naturally occurring waters and those that can be made in water supplements. EON-H has tested many of these waters to locate the structure that has the best hydrating capacity and this was selected to become EON-H's structured water.

To your cells, water is everything. Over 99% of the biological reactions in the body involve water as the source of a hydrogen proton donor. Water is needed to deliver and metabolize nutrients. Water is required to eliminate toxic waste. The electrical resistance and capacitance of intracellular water greatly affects communication pathways throughout the body. Water is needed to support protein structure and enzyme activity. Water even serves as the adhesive that holds together the various structures in a cell's architecture. When these functions of water are compromised through de-hydration at the cellular level, disease and the aging process begin to manifest and accelerate.

Figure 4

Most everyone recognizes the critical role of Hemoglobin in the transport of oxygen throughout the body. Hemoglobin is a protein inside a red blood cell that absorbs oxygen from the lungs and releases it to the cells to produce energy. People who are anemic have very low hemoglobin levels. What has emerged from the study of intra-cellular water is the fact that structured water plays a critical role in the proper formation of the hemoglobin protein. The biological activity of proteins is critically dependent not only on their amino acid composition, but also on the way these huge molecules are folded; this folding involves hydrogen-bonded interactions with water.

As illustrated in FIGURE 4, the effective structure of Hemoglobin can only be maintained with ordered water. This ordered water starts out as intra-cellular water that is reorganized as the hemoglobin protein is build in the bone marrow. If the cells of the bone marrow are dehydrated, there is a good chance that the patient will be anemic. If the bone marrow cells are loaded with toxins, than there is a good chance that the toxins will interfere with the proper formation of the hemoglobin protein. Fatigue and anemia are the result. Toxins in the cells are directly related to cellular hydration levels.

The first and foremost treatment of the chronically ill is to rehydrate the body at the cellular level. No one gets better without that being the first step. EON-H's Purified Structured Water received its name from this fundamental principle. The first step to be healthy and robust is to achieve hydration at the cellular level. It is essential to life.